This is the current H-1B schema for H-1B TechHire, SWFI, and America’s Promise grantees that includes all of the data elements for which grantees should collect participant data and the Workforce Integrated Performance System (WIPS) validation rules for submission of the data.

*This H-1B Performance Handbook was updated June 2020.*

Tab 6: H-1B Logic Rules

  1. PIRL 1302: Date Entered Training #1- Rule D

Tab 7: H-1B QPR Aggregations (These aggregation rule updates to the QPR went active in WIPS the quarter ending March 31, 2020, but are now being reflected in this version)

  1. A-1: Total Exiters
  2. B-4a: Youth and Young Adults, Ages 17-29
  3. E-2: Received Assessment Services
  4. E-6b: Entered On-the-Job Training Activities
  5. F-1a: Number Completed On-the-Job Training Activities