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This Personal Branding Tool Kit will guide you through an assessment of your strengths and values and help you identify those qualities that make your brand (YOU) unique and appealing to employers.

Your personal brand is the belief or opinion that other people have about you. As you enter the marketplace with your newly acquired skills and compete with other qualified candidates for employment, you’ll want to build and cultivate a unique personal brand that helps you stand out from the crowd. If your brand doesn’t shine, you may miss out on a career or promotional opportunity. You probably associate brands with advertising and have seen how they are used by companies to get their products and services noticed. But when it comes to your personal brand, it’s more than just getting noticed. You want to manage how people see you and the qualities you bring to a job. The first step in building brand is to identify those qualities. These would include your values, strengths, and unique skills. After you’ve identified those qualities, you’ll want to incorporate them consistently across all your career branding channels.

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