H-1B Performance Reporting Resources for TechHire, SWFI and America's Promise Grants

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Welcome to the H-1B Grants Performance Reporting Resource Page! This resource page is the go-to site for all things related to performance reporting for H-1B TechHire Partnership (TechHire), H-1B Strengthening Working Families Initiative (SWFI), and H-1B America's Promise (AP) grants. 

Please see the list of resources below that act as either policy guidance or technical assistance for H-1B grantees. 


Performance Policy Guidance for H-1B Grants

  • Suggested QNR for H-1B AP, SWFI and TechHire GranteesThe Quarterly Narrative Report (QNR) is a summary of grant activities that occurred during the reporting quarter.  This report provides ETA information on program activities including information that cannot easily be captured using data alone.

Performance Reporting Technical Assistance 

  • Sample Case Management and Data File: This resource is designed to assist H-1B TechHire, SWFI and AP grantees with examples and instructions for data file preparation that is necessary to report quarterly performance data into the Workforce Integrated Performance System (WIPS). 
  •  H-1B Performance Reporting ToolkitThis toolkit is designed to support H-1B grantees in preparing and submitting their quarterly progress reports and is a supplement to the WIPS Reporting Guidance and the H-1B Performance Handbook.

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