The Quarterly Narrative Report (QNR) is a summary of grant activities that occurred during the reporting quarter.  This report provides ETA information on program activities including information that cannot easily be captured using data alone.

To report grant activities that occurred in the previous quarter, TechHire, SWFI and America’s Promise grantees are required  to use the Joint Quarterly Narrative Performance Report Template (ETA -9179). The information provided in this quarterly narrative progress report will be used to help the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) monitor the progress of the grant and identify promising practices and challenges of the grantee in implementing the grant.

To see the changes in the final ETA-9179 from the Suggested Quarterly Narrative Report (QNR) previously provided  to grantees, please see the Joint Quarterly Narrative Performance Report Template (ETA -9179) tracked changes document. 

The QNR directions document provides step by step instructions on How to Submit a Quarterly Narrative Report (QNR) in WIPS