H-1B Performance TA: Sample Case Management and Data File

Data and Charts

This Performance Reporting TA Resource, Sample Case Management and Data File, is designed to assist H-1B TechHire, SWFI and AP grantees with examples and instructions for data file preparation that are necessary to report quarterly performance data into the Workforce Integrated Performance System (WIPS).

These files– updated in October 2018 – now include 89 column samples with the addition of  PIRL 1813 Date Completed, During Program Participation, an Education or Training Program Leading to a Recognized Postsecondary Credential or Employment, PIRL 2126 Entered Training-Related Employment, PIRL 105 Special Project ID,  PIRL 106 Special Project ID, and PIRL 107 Special Project ID.

Examples include:

  • A case management file for participant tracking
  • An example of a CSV file ready for upload into WIPS.

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