This resource is one of a series of technical assistance pre-recorded tutorials that will support H-1B TechHire, SWFI, and AP efforts for H-1B Performance Reporting and submitting data files in the WIOA Workforce Integrated Performance System, or WIPS.

The Department of Labor’s (DOL) goal is to ensure H-1B grantee data collection efforts are as seamless and accurate as possible with minimal burden, and ultimately reflect the great work and impact H-1B grantee programs are having on the workforce.

At the end of this tutorial, grantees will be able to:

  • Understand the  H-1B Data Elements: The H-1B Data Elements required for performance reporting are integral to the data collection process and are the foundation that informs the WIPS systems including the database system developed by each grantee to track program participants.
  • Determine staff roles in preparing data
  • Prepare a data file to track participant-level information using the H-1B Data Elements and Edit Checks
  • Locate resources on the Community of Practice (CoP) including participant records, a sample data file, and sample .csv file to upload into the WIPS system


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