This page curates the latest programmatic technical assistance and resources designed to support your H-1B One Workforce grants. Click on related content to find these resources.

H-1B One Workforce and Rural Healthcare Grantee Virtual Convening
This page contains pertinent convening resources including the final agenda, presentations and links to the recordings of the opening and closing plenaries. 

One Workforce Project Manager’s Checklist
This checklist provides a list of resources and information for grant project managers to support grant implementation.

H-1B One Workforce Grants Technical Assistance Resource Bulletins
These resource bulletins provide useful grants management updates, announcements regarding relevant events and technical assistance opportunities, and a curated list of resources on specific topics critical to the success of your grant programs.

November Edition - Partnerships

December Edition - Recruitment, Enrollment and Retention Strategies

January 2022 Edition - Strategies and Resources to Improve Participant Retention

February 2022 Edition - Performance

March 2022 Edition - Strategies and Resources to Increase Opportunities for Participants to Attain Credentials and Certification

April 2022 Edition - Strategies and Resources to Identify and Secure Sustaining Partnerships with Employers

May 2022 Edition - Strategies and Resources to Achieve Employment and Placement of Job Seekers