The SA Lead Profile is an interview series with leaders of the Scaling Apprenticeship through Sector-Based Strategies (SA) grant. Each profile will provide you with an introduction to the SA Lead, and help you get to know your peers. It also highlights some of the successes and challenges that the SA Lead has experienced while implementing the grant. Find out who is delivering the magic behind the scenes and their approach to specific aspects of the grant!  

Clark University:  Dug Jones, Program Director for Workforce Grants

Information Technology Grant

This snapshot takes us to Massachusetts to meet Dug Jones, the Program Director for the Tech Quest grant. In 2019, Clark University was awarded a U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) SA grant and then developed Tech Quest to serve businesses and apprentices in the Information Technology (IT) industry. Using Scaling Apprenticeship funds Clark works to expand IT apprenticeships by initiating and cultivating strategic partnerships with local Workforce Development Boards (WDB) and other community partners.  Check out Dug's profile to learn about his instrumental implementation leadership.